The Érguete Association was born in 1984 as an initiative of a group of families with a common bond: drug addiction dalgún two seus children.


It was legalized in 1985, highlighting its loita and denunciation of drug trafficking and its demand for professional, public resources and treatment of drug addiction. Due to the demand that the Association is receiving in its history, or October 25, 1989, an agreement is signed between the Regional Drug Addiction Plan (PAD), Xunta de Galicia (Autonomous Government) and the Association, a pole agreement is created or Service of Legal-Social Information and Orientation and Reintegration of Drug Addicts (SIORT). This Service enables a specialized and provisional attention to the users, channeling all the demands that are affected at the personal, legal and socio-labour level.



One more step of the work for the full incorporation into societies of people who had drug addiction problems, and in general two groups that suffer from the problem of marginalization, create in 1999 the Erguete-Integration Foundation, to promote the social inclusion of all the groups served for the Association.
Since that past cheo of difficulties, the Erguete Association has not stopped growing. Today it has more staff, more users, more intervention programs and a greater presence in different groups of society. Our sustainable and constant growth is an example in the field of non-profit organizations.

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